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Silicone kitchen utensils are not afraid of high temperature drop?

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Silicone kitchen utensils are not afraid of high temperature drop?

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Why silicone kitchenware industry analysis in high temperature and not afraid to fall, because the use of "food grade FDA silicone kitchenware, LFGB special silica gel as the standard for raw materials, by molding or coated with the metal, a new type of material of plastic and other materials of the kitchen kitchen transfer over category. With its unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, soft, anti fouling, dirt resistant, non stick and other superior performance, in many materials in the kitchen stand out.

Silicone kitchen supplies include two categories: one is a pure silicone kitchen, a kind of silicone rubber coated kitchen. The so-called pure silicone kitchen supplies is the whole product is made of silica gel material. Silicone coated plastic kitchen is mainly a package of hardware, plastic coated silicone kitchen. Pure silica gel material, the use of silica gel material itself to play the advantages of the characteristics of the direct work of the kitchen, silicone rubber coated kitchen, but it is the use of silica gel material features other tools to protect the indirect convenience of the kitchen.

In the production of various rubber products, silicone products and various types of rubber mats, waterproof, anti oil seals, gasket; fully meet customer of heat resistance, oil resistance, pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, tensile strength, tear resistance, flame retardant, shock absorption, cold resistance, electric insulation, radiation resistance, low permeability requirements and other objects. Products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, plastics, communications equipment, computers, toys, ceramics, audio and video equipment, sporting goods, health care equipment and machinery manufacturing and other industries.

The factory was established, the introduction of advanced production equipment and production technology, and strive to improve the level of processing technology; the factory from the mold design - mold - proofing - production - customer service service etc.. Continue to absorb adopt international advanced management concepts, constantly improve the level of management by using modern information management, the factory has been pursuing quality assurance, price concessions, reliable reputation, customer first, the principle of technological leadership, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants of cooperation and common development.

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